When you stop looking it turns up…

Acne blue jacket

Strange that.

ACNE blue motor jacket
ACNE motor jacket
ACNE blue biker jacket

Acne biker jacket
Acne jacket

Photos: Christina from Profreshstyle  at a gorge local coffee spot

Biker jacket: ACNE (consignment find) Try this, this or this.  Jeans: Saved from Michael’s chuck pile. Polo: Gap. Moccasins: Minnetonka. Shades: Random NY street vendor (similars herehere)
Got reeeeally lucky when I clocked this ACNE jacket in a consignment shop a few days ago (already instagramed) It’s absolutely brilliant and bang on time for spring.  This online isn’t too bad either (looks like a burgundy trim).
Loved for over a year and basically wrote off any chances of seeing it anywhere again – read: Gave up with eBay.
That’s the thing with New York, you have no bloody idea what you’re going to find and when.
ps. Notice the nails? Got them done at a recent press party for Brits in New York. A couple of pictures from the event are on my twitter.  Why did it take me this long to get union jacks on my nails?  I tell you – it won’t be the last!

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