Dip Dye Kaftan

tie dye kaftan


snakeskin boots

Kaftan: New Orleans jazz fest vendor.  Similars by La Perla (love), Free People or FP x Mara Hoffman or one of these with beat up boots or sandals.  Hat: Walmart (had to do something with that time there during the tire fix).  Try Bop Basics or  their smaller brim.  Boots: Vintage DIY cut to ankle height + metal tips added.  Try Nasty Gal metal tipped boots, these ivories or Steven. Bracelet: NY vendor (similar by Chan Luu)
I left the B&B in shorts and a T-shirt and wasn’t feeling it. Two hours later I see this dress/kaftan/food baby blanket-like thing for sale at the jazz fest, bought it and flung it on top.  The T-shirt is still underneath and around my waist (hence the bump in pic 1). Should’ve just taken it off really…
Resisted the urge to buy a long necklace knowing I left a bunch of them in our room that morning.

oh and I know I’m not the only one to go home end of day with another version of what you left the house in either! Correct?

Speaking of, next time this’ll be flung on with sandals. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny, I too recently purchased a kaftan type garment too. Went with
    black and white, (more white than black)… I tell you, I think you and I tend to share braincells/vibes. Something about a good tie dye/batik screams to me..and just makes it summer…Can’t quite pull a tie dye in the middle of winter…or maybe you can in Haiti or St. Barts.

    Oh well, as always love the look..
    Lindsey via Vegas

  2. Domonique Wilson says:

    Obsessed with the colours! No of course not, infact even in the UK because the weather is so untrusting I sometimes change at least three times throughout the day, ha!


  3. WILDFLOWER says:

    Brilliant! Yeh I always do this – change halfway through the day when I’m out! I actually don’t mind the kaftan with the boots.

  4. Ch3ryl Wong says:

    Wow. Stunning. Though I hate dip dyes, I do feel that this piece is very beautiful and I’m sure it turned heads.

  5. Sinead says:

    WOW! Love.

  6. Anonymous says:

    amazing style, i love it! btw speaking of long necklaces, i know you have an obsession with all things vintage/tribal. have you seen hypnoticfascination.com? you should visit, her jewellery collection is out of this world. thought of you the entire time!! i can definitely see you work some of the tribal/ethnic stuff too!!!

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