The Road Trip to Nola

Silver mirror aviators
Ignore the momentary poker face. Here’s photos of our 3,000 mile round trip to down south.

The leather jacket, indian skirt, t-shirt and bangle are finds during the trip.
Mirror aviators are Ray Ban and white minnetonka boots are All Saints (similars by Ash, Shoebuy or Free People)

Road trip
Driving under a rainbow
Road trip
Girl far right yelled: “OMG she’s taking a picture of us!” and they all turned to wave


License plate in Nashville


Mouth watering bbq in Memphis


Vintage leather trimmed case find on the way back to NY. The bangle is by House of Harlow and was found at UAL in New Orleans.

Vintage cowboy boots

Wall of cowboy boots from a vintage shop in Five Points Atlanta


The iPhone took us across the country

vintage cape

Suede cape from shop Local Honey in Nashville. Slip ons are Carvela KG (currently 25% off)


Driving through Tennessee


Cattle head outside the front of a house in Atlanta


Waiting around to replace a flat tire.

Wearing an old Zara dress and belt, Rebecca Minkoff bag, KG slip ons and panama hat bought on the trip, horn necklace from the WDUGT shop


These doughnuts are now banned in New York. Not that we needed that reason to stuff our faces with them in Asheville NC


Arriving in Elvis Presley’s neighborhood


Elvis’ Graceland home


Michael drove most of the trip…

fashion bloggers

…while I dozed off every now and then


Couple riding past in the rain


Crossing into Louisiana

Kurt Geiger boots

Photos taken with the iphone + Nikon by Michael and myself

Wearing KG denim heels.

What a trip! We’ve never done a road trip to New Orleans before. The only down side was the flat tire moment which resulted in a 6 hour wait for a newly ordered wheel leaving us stuck in Walmart for an entire day. I also wish that we had stayed for the weekend since there were so many hotels in downtown New Orleans that I would have loved to visit. I’m sure we’ll make a weekend of it next time we visit. There was so much to do that it was pretty hard to cram all of the activities in one day!

Road trips are so much fun, but you need to make sure that your car is up to the job! One of my friends just got an amazing vehicle for her next road trip after checking out some of the used cars from Conklin Cars. You could take a look too if you are due an upgrade.

Outside of that it was fascinating to see how America lives outside of New York: the food, the houses, just everything. I tell you what though, generally speaking it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and more spacious.

ps. Thanks to everyone for the recommendations on where to visit. Shout out to the reader who suggested Asheville. It’s as pretty as you had told me.

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