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Shirt: Forever 21.  Forest print skirt: Asos. Similar digital print or floral print. Shoes: Nine West (bought years ago). Similars by ModclothPleaser  Marni, Overstock .  Croc leather drawstring bag: Reboot Vintage. 20% Off Reboot shop ’til Friday 26th – CODE: WDUGT. Shades: Ray Ban.  Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner
I can count the number of midi skirts I have on one hand and the print on this one sold me.  It’s cute but not too saccharin. It’s basically a photograph  in cloth form.  I found more digital print/photo skirts online (links above). Only fail?  It’s missing side pockets to make it less girly.

I dug out these mint shoes that have generated one of the highest views on this blog ever.  I still can’t believe it and get emails and comments from future brides asking where I found them.  You can see that post here. I almost wish NineWest just brought them back.  Higher end brands have done the shoe resurrection: like these Balenciagas and these Chloes so why not?

I admit the shoes are stupidly girly but they always got a pass. Over 4 years old and still love em.

See the same skirt in this Feb post with a black jumper. 

Trying this look:


    • Karen says:

      Every now and then I think sell them. Too sweet. Then I change my mind!

  1. D.J. says:

    the print on this skirt is exactly like you said, like a photograph it’s beautiful

    Deejay Speaks

  2. Jane says:

    Totally in love with this skirt <3

  3. kayaretro says:

    the skirt is amazing, but I wish it already is sold out

    • Karen says:

      I noticed too :-/ there is a couple of similars though. One in particular its just a diff print. I linked to it above.

  4. melissa ward says:

    Love this look !!!!! Those frames go great with that skirt

  5. Long Prom Dresses says:

    This dress is a good combination of flowr printed and pure color style.

  6. little t says:

    Very striking!

  7. Ginikachi Eloka says:

    1. Pretty ass skirt
    2. I want to steal your BAG!

  8. Ginikachi Eloka says:

    1. Pretty ass skirt.
    2. I want to steal your BAG!

  9. sharla says:

    the shoes are a very unexpected touch to this look! amazing.


  10. Dee Kay says:

    Gorgeous skirt and those shoes are really cute. No wonder you get a lot of emails about them!

    Ms Dee Kay

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