When you keep wearing a signature thing


Blinged baseball hat from H&M


Authentic Australian hat found at a vintage shop in the east village. 


Asos fedora. I wear this and the black a lot.


I have two panama hats. One is from one of the oldest hat shops in New Orleans Meyers and one from Walmart. Two opposite ends of the shopping spectrum. 


An old floppy hat. Of course there’s a black which I wrap in an old belt sometimes

Isn’t too hard to notice that I wear hats a lot.  Wasn’t as much when growing up in London but now I’ve obviously changed and they’re a staple.  
It’s got to the point that I feel like I’m missing something if I’m not wearing one.  No idea how it started. Maybe innocently trying on that first one or to cover a bad hair day – God knows. 
Over the years I’ve got a built errrrm a slight collection as you can see. Unseen are for winter: beanies, a couple of fur hats and a beret.  Sh** that’s a lot.  I sound like one of those women in Buried Alive. 
You know what I’ve come to realize though? Depending on who you ask, someone will either agree that it’s a lot (actually no everyone will let’s be honest) and quietly think that I’m off my rocker or they’ll think it’s cool finding something that’s you.  It’s your style and you enjoy playing with it regardless of what’s in fashion.

Barmy or not at least there’s a good selection to pass along one day or maybe I’ll get sick of them one day and sell them all.    
Do you have something that you keep wearing? Maybe it’s even a certain colour? Before I started this blog I wore head to toe black. For years.
ps. Now I’ve got Michael into wearing brimmed hats. What have I started?!

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