Tiger Printed

Topshop Figaro sandals
fedora hat

Pamela Love tribal spike necklace
black skater skirt

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Sandals: Topshop (found a very similar print in same ones).  Skirt: Forever 21. Tank: American Apparel.  Hat: Asos.  Necklace: Pamela Love.  Bag: Balenciaga

I never wear all black when it’s this hot out.  Making exceptions for the sheer tank and full skirt read: non-stick.

Side trivia: When I got these sandals I flung em on and went for a walk in the park and it literally chucked down in minutes.  I ended up taking them off and ran bare foot back home with Michael while I told him to hold them under his t-shirt.  Would rather run bare foot in rain then warp the shoes in the rain.  Priorities….

I don’t see the same tiger print ones online anymore but these whipstitch and the pony hairs are the same sandals.  Now I know how comfortable they are I wish the whipstitch were still around in my size.   That or a zebra print.

ps. My tiger clutch is identical to these sandals but I’m resisting the matchy matchy.

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