Mens Bomber

red leather skirt

This bomber reminds me of the ones punks wore in London.  Actually there’s were plainer like this olive or a black with the orange lining.

bomber jacket
black bomber jacket
topshop unique shoesUntitled

Skirt: Buffalo Exchange.  Similar from Asos or Topshop. Mens bomber jacket: Scotch and Soda.  Similar from Topshop.  Shoes: Topshop Unique (I fkg love these).  Bag: JCrew 

I was so chuffed to find this one at the Scotch and Soda sample sale a couple of weeks back. Again – it was from the mens section so it ticks off the boxes: oversized to hang at the hip not the waist, classic  style plus that little orange liner flash – a small detail I love even though you don’t see it most of the time.
The skirt is a find at Buffalo Exchange. It’s too big so the perfect way to get the whole big skirt trend by accident and hide feeling fat days.  


  1. Mlle W says:

    that skirt too! wowza

  2. Sasha says:

    Love the mix of the bomber with the blouse and skirt. Also, those sock are gorgeous!

  3. Who is that Girl Mo? says:

    Nice jacket! I remember the black one with orange lining growing up. I want one now. 🙂


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