That Leopard Coat


Anyone else notice that Zara cut this leopard coat right before selling it? I remember the TRF vid showing the calf length version.  My eyes were bulging: ‘omg the perfect long vintage coat and it’s not vintage.’  Then they hacked it to above the knee to sell to the public.

zara leopard print coat
beatle boots
chelsea boots
patent leather ankle boots

Leopard coat: Zara. Try Asos or BB Dakota.  Dress: Thrift/vintage. Similar from Asos or Oasis. This swing one is almost identical.  Tights: H&M. Chelsea boots: Underground originals at T&V.  Similars by Urban Outfitters Asos or McQueen. Bag: Coach

I’m wearing it so obviously I got over it but I instagrammed asking why did they cut it? Maybe they thought it wouldn’t sell in a longer version. Feels more like a jacket now instead of a coat. “I love your jacket!” “Thanks” I reply wanting to add “its a coat! its a coat!! Why cut the ruddy thing?
Ok my 2 minute rant is over.  I still love it.  It’s furry enough without too much bulk. Wore it with an old black lace swing dress and chelsea beatle boots. 
ps. My shop’s updated with one of my leopard coats here

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