I Had To Ask Signe

pendleton coat
pendleton jacket

Her coat is by Pendleton. Her hat is from Pork Pie hatters in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

I talked to Signe at length about wearing brimmed hats (I was wearing this one that day). She recommended checking out Pork Pie in Bk which I will really soon – maybe next week.  Another tip that she gave me for hats is to check out the shops where the Jewish Hasdic community buys their hats.  Why did I not think of that before!?
I have a massive crush on Pendleton style coats.  They are striking no matter what the trend is each winter.  Stella McCartney checks are overdosing everywhere right now which frightens me into morphing into a five minute trend bot. Check out the photo of Pamela Love in her Pendleton here – I mean honestly!  Check out my recent buy – it’s not Pendleton but has a similar look.  
For more inspiration check out the back of Signe’s coat on my Facebook – had to sneak in that photo as she walked away 😉
Hope you get inspired enough to finally get your own. The mens bombers like this one are f*@kg brilliant aren’t they?  That’s what I’d get to wear with plain skinnies and boots.

You won’t regret owning one. Promise.

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