Del Boy Approved

Acne velocite jacket

When it’s this cold you pull out the big basics: A big shearling (Del Boy approved size) and big Doc Martens with mad warm socks. 

Acne shearling jacket
Womens shearling jacket
Doc Marten boots
Balenciaga work bag
Balenciaga work
Acne shearling jacket

Jacket: ACNE. Another colour here (on sale). Skinnies: TJMaxx. Try DL1961 (60% off!). Boots: Dr Martens (bought in Camden Town in London). Bag: Balenciaga. Gold aviators: Ray-Ban. Baseball cap: Aloha Rag. Try Cast of Vices. Lipstick: Lady Danger
I found the warmest gloves (see picture #5) from a local street vendor for $7 thinking they’d be temporary till I found something better.  That was about seven weeks ago. They ended up being a flipping God send.

Speaking of, still no words about this jacket – the other God send. #bestsalefind
(Rare) pics wearing it with heels are here

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ps. For Americans wondering WTF am I talking about re. Del Boy, google image search: Del Boy shearling jacket. Nuff said – my son ; -)


  1. Fashion Musings Diary says:

    Your look is a masterclass in how to stay warm, trendy and stylish at the same time!

    • Karen says:

      It’s called trying to be comfortable and practical LOL!! thank you xxx

    • Karen says:

      Thx! I’ve been after a leather cap forever.

    • Karen says:

      Thx! Docs kinda make everything a bit better!


    Love your look. The Acne jacket is amazing!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you! I still can’t believe I got one

  3. Amélie says:

    – Love this look ! 🙂


    • Karen says:

      Yea I actually love nearly all the colors. I’d be petrified to wear the white one!

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