Winter Layers

black fedora
maxi dress

chanel jumbo lambskin classic flap

chanel 2.55
chanel jumbo classic flap

Dress: Forever21. Lookalike from Lanston (on sale) or Splendid. Poloneck & hat: H&M. Boots: Fryes. Bag: Chanel. Good lookalikes here. Shades: Ray-Ban. Gloves: Street vendor
This dress is about two years old now. There’s just enough room to wear a skinny polo under for it to work in the winter. Here’s pictures of it worn around this time a couple of years ago. I hope it get’s as mild as it was then!

The vintage jacket is a flea market find from years ago before I think I even started the blog.  Always liked the idea of wearing a super long dress with a cropped fur jacket.


  1. Naz says:

    Beautiful photos

  2. stylewithoutstyle says:

    It’s amazing, in love with the dress! 🙂

  3. JAYLA says:

    A “diamond in the rough” boutique is Always has something cute and affordable and ‘lookalike’ bags are insane.

  4. Fashion Musings Diary says:

    I love the play on proportions: long dress/ cropped jacket, and the different textures(fur/jersey) of your look! Brilliant once again! 😉

  5. laurenemb says:

    I’m so intimidated to do a winter maxi! Love this though, may have to bust out my long skirt and play with layering a bit.

  6. Kellie The Shoe Diva says:

    You look perfect. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to wear fur jackets, but I’d love to wear a maxi-cropped jacket combo, sometime soon.

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