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denim overalls

denim jumpsuit

Old jumpsuit:H&M (see my dark zip up version in this earlier post). Cool similar from Madewell. Boots: Balenciaga. Bag: Chanel.  Hat: H&M
My friend Paula took these super quick photos outside her front door after I’d come in from a day at Spitalsfield market in East London.  I was there doing a bit more photography and last minute shopping. I’ll show you photos of people’s looks I found soon (and the shopping). It’s funny because I used to live in that area before moving to New York and it’s shocking to see how trendified (if that’s a word) the area’s become.  The gentrification is unreal.  East London’s not the same anymore.  
Ever notice how areas that were once the least attractive to once live in are the same ones that change and become the most desired?
On a style note, I swear I could live in overalls and say that every single time that I put them on.  Sort of wish they were one size up like my tweed ones but I can deal.


    • Karen says:

      Thx I’ve been using that bag every day.

  1. the style potato says:

    wow i really wish i can make overalls look this good!!!!!! you pull it off so so well!! and i looooooove the new header!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      ah thank you!! been working on it for a while! including while in London!

  2. Ritika Mahendru says:

    Denim jumpsuits are my favorite! Though you rock them!!

    • Karen says:

      Thx yea I can’t get enough of them.

    • Karen says:

      Thx I love Paula’s red door. So classic

  3. Angela from The Awkward Blog says:

    I live near Tottenham…pretty confident it’s not going to be trendified anytime soon-BUT lots of artists have moved into the area after being priced out of the area! Over the weekend it turns into Jersey Shore-ditch. Love the new blog header!

    • Karen says:

      I grew up in Tottenham and can’t see it happening there either but God never say never?! especially now you’ve mentioned artists. That’s how it starts.

    • Karen says:

      Yea they’re so perfect to wear all the time! thx re the header!!!

  4. leesicam says:

    I love your new header! Especially you looking back at the people on the sidewalk looking at you

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