Not Pendleton

pendleton coat

New York is as cold as it could get this week. For this post you are looking at around 6 or 7 layers.

pendleton jacket
denim overalls
denim jumpsuit
denim dungarees
underground originals

Coat jacket: Buffalo Exchange. Cashmere Hoodie: Aloha Rag. Dungarees: H&M. Creepers: Underground Originals. Hat: H&M. Bag: Chanel. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

This was what I wore on Monday when out on the streets all day shooting. I wore massive dungarees which were bought too big in the first place with a Pendleton-like coat jacket that I still can’t believe I found last year.

It’s a random brand name I’ve not heard of but all I know is I am hell bent on finding a blanket exactly like it!

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