New York Fashion Week – Round 1

new york fashion week
Here’s the first batch from fashion week.  More to come of course…
This above look is punk meets boho meets grunge. Notice the fur lined Docs and I love seeing long skirts knotted. 
fashion week fall winter 2014
I didn’t ask but this coat reminds me of when you have THE best score day at a vintage shop.  
Loved how she paired it with smart trouser cut denim and glossy pointy heels. 
new york fashion week 2014
I loved the colour combination of Eva’s purple coat and blue knit jumper teamed with worn in fold over boots.  I saw Club Monaco and Etro have cool purple’s for lookalikes. 
fashion week 2014
There’s nothing more inspiring than someone with fearless style.  I never asked but everything she wore could just have easily been designer or a mix of vintage (those shoooooesss) and high street.  When you can’t automatically tell, that to me is one sign of not only having but owning your style.
new york street style
I liked this super lean and fitted silhouette.  The texture under the blouse was a clever way to wear a crop top without showing skin. Black leather jackets with black hardware/black zips like this one is my next obsession. 
fashion week street style
Mixed prints and shawl instead of the expected coat.  The shawl is from Zara!
street style
This was one of the more unexpected spins on wearing a white coat, draped over a jewel toned printed blazer. The combination looked fresh and stood out especially with all black underneath.  The blazer is Roberto Cavalli.
NY fashion week 2014
How cute is this soft shouldered coat? It looked even better with orange patent leather plimsolls. The coat is from Beacon’s Closet in Manhattan. 

women's pink coat

The no.1 colour this season got a lot more interesting with black stripes and monochrome.
I thought this long coat would work the same way over leather.

 This badass dress reminds me of a full tartan Vivienne Westwood-like gown especially with that black biker jacket and Prada peep toe lug sole heels and the best part: thick slouchy socks. 
street style

If I could sum up this week it would be one word: neon.  Highlighter pen coats or accessories are clashed with equally colour saturated counterparts.  I saw this trend last February during fashion week so it’s still popular.  I kinda dig this school girl take on it: the grandma-like cardigan, the little box pleat skirt and knee high socks  It’s like the grown up version of a 12 year old’s uniform complete with bobbled hat. 

My overall impression of New York fashion week? I’d say it’s falling into three camps:

1.  The black on black crowd who master piling on the colour with various textures.
2.  The neon brigade that you can spot from a mile away (literally).
3.  The sports chic gang in slip on sneakers, metallic or high top (usually Nike) trainers in place of brogues or loafers. These are the new flat.

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