Grey + Gold

celine id necklace

The velvet dress is from H&M. The dress underneath it is Zara.  The coat is Zara and the boots are Frye.
The bag is Chanel and the necklace is Celine (found online after giving up for a year). 

celine id necklace
slip dress
celine chunky necklace
velvet dress

Blue velvet dress: H&M. Grey long sleeved dress: Zara. Try NastyGal, Marc Jacobs or Topshop. Coat: Zara. Boots: Frye. Bag: Chanel. Necklace: Celine (found you at bloody last).  Try All Saints, The Editorialist,  Style by Stories or NastyGal. Shades: RayBan

…and yes, it got this cold in New York. Again. Some spring this is turning out to bloody well be.  To say that I am done is an understatement (look at the people dressed behind me).
Regardless, I reeeally wanted to wear this navy velvet slip dress.  I layered it over a long sleeved grey dress and under a grey coat.  Layer layer layer.   The dress was is to wear in the summer with sandals or plimsolls (and heels for a night out) but being it’s velvet it lends itself to the cold.  
That’s my really long way of saying it’s ok to wear a summer dress on a cold day. 


  1. Simoon M says:

    Grey and gold yes, but it only serves as background to that gorgeous dress!!
    Simona/OFF DUTY Still some time for my GIVEAWAY: fuller, shinier hair with Phylia deM.

  2. Sinead says:

    Love the way you put things together!

    That necklace looks so great on you. I tried on something similar (but much less expensive) but it gave me a panic attack. I had to get it off after less than ten seconds. And yet I can wear a ten-pound “statement necklace” without a problem. Crazy, right?

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