Reversed Lace

white lace dress

You know when you score on a day that you think you won’t find sh**? 
Case in point for this bag and dress.

adidas stan smith
white lace dress
stan smith shoes
lace maxi dress
catbird nyc
pony hair bag
adidas stan smith


Dress: Salvation Army thrift shop. Try Shopbop, Kate Moss (I’d love to rip the lining out of it!) or Piperlime.  Bag: Battersea Flea market in London.  Try Foley & Corinna (love this) or Elizabeth & James (Extra 20% off w/ code: GIVEIN).  Shoes: Addidas Stan Smith.  Rings on right hand: Large gold (my late grandmother). Thin rings: Catbird.  Try Jules Smith. Star necklace: (Random). Try Jennifer Zeuner (I love all her jewelry). 
This is a fave dress from a Salvation Army shop.  I wore it back to front since I like the idea of a lace chest with a high neck and the deep v-neck behind instead allows enough skin without feeling completely covered.  It didn’t come with a lining which was perfect – allowing sheerness to show through wherever I want.

You can see me wearing it the right way (and with more hair on my head) in this old post.

The bag is a find at Battersea flea market in London.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it hanging on a clothes rail. Pony hair with mohawk?  I mean come on.  I knew I was getting it even before I asked the price. 


  1. Jewelle says:

    I can’t decide which look i prefer best!…arghh :-)…seriously tho, this dress is gorge!!!

  2. Nika Chic says:

    This so great! Thank you for inspiration Karen!

    • Karen says:

      ahhh I do hope to inspire so that’s really cool for you to say : ))

  3. Ritika Sahni says:

    This is beyond gorgeous!!! Tooooo amazing, I say!

    • Karen says:

      I’m getting semi addicted to trainers with everything at the mo!

  4. herlucidsky says:

    You can make any combination look great. The design on the back of the stress is stunning!

    • Karen says:

      Thx I like the v shape enough to wear backwards or the correct way in front. Def something to try if you have a similar cut dress or top!

  5. Anonymous says:

    my goodness i love this!!! which salvation army did you go to!?

  6. Supafemale says:

    Battersea flea market?! Say whaaat – I gotta get down there. Love the tips on shopping finds in and around London x

  7. Françoise SALMON says:

    perfect dress… perfect miss ! so great ! congrats !

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