The Full Monty on Helena


Definition: The Full Monty: 
British slang phrase.  It is generally used to mean “everything which is necessary, appropriate, or possible; ‘the works’”
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Here’s the second WDUGT feature on Helena Glazer who I visited at her work studio in Brooklyn. 


Chanel bags: Left to Right: Red Jumbo, Black Vintage Jumbo, Vintage red bag, Blue Maxi

“I got the blue maxi on eBay. I stalked eBay for six months because I was obsessed about getting that  blue shade. It was a bag from several years ago and the only way you could get it is if you found it online somewhere.   The black one is also eBay.”


“I get asked often how do know who to buy from but I’ve been shopping on ebay for over a decade. I look out for people with lots of great feedback.
A lot of my things come from eBay because I like nice things but don’t like paying full price so I do the hunt often.”


“Out of my Chanels the red jumbo is my favorite.  It’s the one that I just got. I’m extremely rough on my shoes and my handbags its just how I am and the caviar leather holds up to my roughness.
Currently I’m pretty content. Speak to me in a month. Speak to me in two weeks I may say something different but I’m a handbag girl and always have been since I first made money at 17 years old but the  Chanels are my favorite.”


MAJE black leather jacket
“I was on the hunt for a black leather jacket that was a little distressed but had silver hardware.  I found this at Bloomingdales and when I tried it on I knew that this was the jacket that I had in mind. 
I’ve been to the MAJE store in Paris many times and it is one of my favorite brands.”

Christian Louboutin lace up shoes

Christian Louboutin ‘Impera’ Lace up shoes
“Aren’t these sexy shoes?”

Click the link to see the rest of Helena’s pieces including her new jaw dropping zebra print (yes zebra) Loubs…!

Hermes CDC Bracelet

Hermes CDC and Click Clack cuffs

“I was on the hunt for a Hermes black and gold CDC bracelet and was on holiday with my girlfriends in Miami and the sales person said we don’t have the black and gold but we do have this one and she showed me the red and I fell in love with it.  My best friend said you have to get it.   I love buying something on any trip I go on to remind me of the trip and that period in my life.

The white click clack was a gift to myself. I was still on a search for the black and gold but I ended up finding this instead just like the red one.

The one I wear the most is the white but my favorite is the red because it reminds me of the trip to Miami with my girlfriends celebrating my engagement.  Ironically the one that I searched for the most; the black and gold is now my least favorite.”

IRO leather jacket

IRO red leather jacket

“I shop all over.  I don’t really have a favorite place to shop.  Whether it’s something at H&M for fifty bucks or more expensive from Barneys or Shopbop that I have to think about for a couple of months.  It’s really a matter of where I happen to find that piece.”

Manolo Blahnik shoes

Manolo Blahnik heels from Barneys

“I  knew I wanted these Manolos but waited a bit before I splurged on them.  I’ve had a Steve Madden knock off and some other brand but I thought you know what I’m just going to invest in this red pair and I have to say that I reach for them often and I feel like they were an important addition to my closet. It’s a signature red pump.  Especially for someone who wears a lot of red, black and neutrals it’s a bright accessory to pop my outfit. 

Flats don’t really excite me but let’s be honest I can’t be always roaming around the city in heels so when I do wear flats it’s either to commute or to walk my dog.  But they don’t excite me. They are usually more out of necessity.”

Helena Brooklyn Blonde

Rolex mens watch

Mens Rolex Watch from Helen’s Dad
“When I was a little girl my father would travel and one of his trips was to Switzerland and he bought this watch in the eighties and through my entire life I remember him wearing this watch.  I borrowed it a few years ago and he said ‘you could keep it.’ Alongside my engagement ring it’s the most important piece in my wardrobe. It has a lot of sentimental meaning and is the closet thing to my childhood.”



Christian Louboutin Zebra 5″ heels pre order from Saks
“These were available on pre order from Saks a few months ago and like I do I’ll pre-order things because I know that I can always change my mind and cancel before it ships.  I pre-ordered them and got an email saying that these are not shipping until October so I thought perfect I’ll be ready then. They shipped three months early and I’ve never worn them.  Is it bad to say that I’m excited about Fall just to wear them?
I’ll probably save them for Fall – that’s the plan.  I just love a pointy toe and a pointy toe animal is just a deadly combination to me.  These are my most recent/new item. 
Brand wise Manolos to me are the most comfortable and I love the Jimmy Choo Anouk.  The Louboutin So Kate – I love the point on them but they’re not the most comfortable.
I always joke around and say that I’ve been wearing heels out of the womb. My friends joke around and say I was born in heels.”

statement earrings

Earrings (three on the left) are from Beholden
“I do love statement earrings.  I reach for them a lot especially if I’m going out at night or to an event. I love putting my hair up in a bun or a ponytail and having a statement earring. The three on the left are from Beholden and I got them when I worked with them last year for a couple of months. They just have the best earrings and they are vintage inspired.”

Christian Louboutin So Kate

Christian Louboutin So Kate in patent nude from Saks pre order

“These were really hard to come by for a while. These are the shoes that I wear the most. They just go with everything: I wear them to weddings, I wear them to events, I wear them to parties.  
When people ask me how do I walk around in heels all day – I don’t. If I’m walking around all day I’ll try and make it a comfortable heel.”

Brian Atwood heels

Brian Atwood heels found on ebay
“I saw them in the store and could not find my size for a while and I would search eBay as I do every week and I found them for like $150 and at the time they were $400-$500 so it was a pretty exciting buy.  
I’ve been an eBay shopper for over ten years.   Now that I’m getting older and am in my thirties I’m investing more in classics. I’m not buying as many trendy pieces like I used to. If I’m wearing the same shirt three times in one week but it cost me $200 it sounds expensive but I would say it’s cost per wear.
Like right now I’m on the hunt for a peach blazer and where ever I find that i.e. H&M or Shopbop and it works I’ll get it.  But I do love accessories. That’s really what I splurge on.”
Check out Helena’s blog here


    • Karen says:

      Yea her shoes are incredible and the fact that she can wear them! So high but soooooo so good.

  1. Karina So. says:

    Her shoes. Her shoes! I’ve never been lucky with eBay auctions (missed out on a £2 Marc Jacobs leather jacket by thaaaat much, ugh) but this has definitely motivated me to get back on the horse. Loving these features, Karen!

    Rêveuse | Fashion + Music

    • Karen says:

      oh no! I know that feel but omg what a deal to have missed!

      Thx! I like finding out where people get THEIR shopping finds from : )

    • Karen says:

      I know right?

  2. Lady Bug says:

    The Full Monty is a brilliant idea! I love them.

    • Karen says:

      Oh good. I’ve always wanted to do a series on people’s style I admire. Hopefully more readers will enjoy seeing them!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks! I’ll have more to come

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. ange tombé says:

    I’m with her on the accesssories thing: I LOVE bags! I’ll spend more money on bags than shoes… But her heels are amazing. I’m not a fan of heels in general but hers are stunning! Makes me want some head-turning Loubs, haha!

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