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This isn’t the usual outfit post. This is more of a self confession that I have not worked out in about ten months which for me is a long time.
For once I’d like to stop procrastinating that walking around is enough and actually start doing something.

Nike Liquid Gold sneakers

ray ban aviators

Nike Liquid gold
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Tank top and shorts: Athleta. Trainers: Nike. Bomber jacket: Zara
In the park yesterday I was thinking about how I started doing yoga (and barre pilates) last year, and loved it and then stopped. I can only imagine how flexible I’d be right now had I kept it up.
Everyone I speak to that does yoga though raves about it to the point that’s made me think ok no more talking because I’m as stiff as an ironing board.
This Saturday morning at 9.30am there is a huge Summer Solstice free power yoga class in Times Square and Michael and me are going. I’ve never done it before but no more excuses. Anyone can start doing yoga, so I should really start as well. I can even push myself further if i wanted to and become a yoga teacher. Anyone can do it you just have to use something like this yoga teacher training goa, where you can learn from Indian yoga masters on how to deepen your yoga practice. However, you could always just attend local classes if you would prefer and pick it up as a hobbie and a way of relaxing instead of considering it as a career. Find out what suites you best and what you feel most comfortable doing.
Later from 4.00-6.00pm at the Athleta flatiron shop, there’s free Exhale Spa massages and dry skin brushing treatments and yes I’m bloody well going to do all of that too.
On Saturday you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where I’ll show you what it’s all like. To be honest I’ve always wondered.
Do any of you do yoga? Which type do you like? I need to make a commitment.

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