The Full Monty On Felicity Sargent

White Birkenstocks

Definition: The Full Monty: 

British slang phrase.  It is generally used to mean “everything which is necessary, appropriate, or possible; ‘the works’”
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I first met Felicity a year ago (almost to the day!) in this great street style moment when I was leaving Freemans Alley restaurant.

I knew it was only a matter of time before hopefully our paths crossed again especially since I like her sense of style.


Beaded jacket: Zara 

“This is just old Zara but I always get tons of compliments when I wear it.”

Zara beaded jacket

Jacket: Isabel Marant 
“I found this at the shop about two years ago.  It’s not the actual runway jacket that was really heavy. This one was a lot cheaper and its’ lighter weight. A lot of the early Marant jackets were so stiff.” 

Vintage dress

Vintage Dress: Vintage shop Approx 23rd or 24th street bet 5th and 6th avenues (close to Home Depot)
“This my latest vintage thing that I don’t even know when I’m going to where it but it’s an amazing Barbie dress that wraps all the way around and it has a second layer that poofs.  
It was like $50 or $60.”

Moschino jacket

Moschino blazer: Manhattan Vintage Fair
“It has a matching skirt but that’s getting tailored.   I feel like the fair used to be good for haggling but I’ve gotten yelled at by vendors and I’m thinking hey it’s vintage we can negotiate.”


“I’m a heels person which is kinda silly because I think I generally like to be comfortable.”

Isabel Marant vest

Isabel Marant vest: Isabel Marant

“This is one of my fave beaded things. Almost the entire collection was on The Outnet. The whole collection just popped up on there.  I got this one last year right before Coachella.”


Versace suit: Manhattan Vintage Fair
“This is probably my favorite find throughout this year.  I love love love it!”

Wide leg denim pants

Brand: 69 Denim.
“All the things that I love are things that I haven’t worn that much.  This is high waisted and I have a denim bra too. I wore it once in Miami. I’m obsessed with the brand, their stuff is so drapey.  When I wear it my boyfriend thinks “what the f*@k are you wearing?”

Isabel Marant shoes

Shoes: Isabel Marant, Sophia Webster, Chanel, Chloe, Celine, vintage shoes etc. 
Click through to see the rest of her finds, including some of her favorite bags.


Marques Almeida raw finished dress
“This is my all time favorite thing in the world. In the summer this is all I want to wear. I’ve been photographed in it so many times and all my friends have seen it and it’s just like the best. “

white dress

“I kinda want to wear it with Birkenstocks but I’ve been wearing it with these Marant heels.” 


Leopard jumpsuit: Kirna Zabete
“This is by a cool company that apparently makes scarves.  They had a skirt, a top, a blazer all in this leopard. I had to really hold myself back.” 

Proenza bag

Proenza satchel: Miami Webster
“This is my first designer bag. I got it three years ago. It looks good with denim.” 

Celine satchel bag

Pebbled leather bag: Celine

“I think this is my favorite bag.  I think it’s just perfect and I love this colour it just goes with everything.”

Vintage kimono

Kimono: What Goes Around Comes Around
“I negotiated on this because it has a little rip. I have worn it with skinny red leather pants.”

vintage skirt suit

“I always joke that my Mum is a hoarder. She never threw anything out from the sixties onward and I grew up in Vermont where  the nearest mall was two hours away so I really didn’t shop. I just shopped in her closet so I got really into vintage because that was all that was really around.” 

vintage sixties dress

Dress: Vintage shop (now closed) on Prince Street/6th avenue
“This is one of my vintage finds. The guy at the shop said “I’m so glad you got this! The owner of the shop was going to cut it because no one was buying maxis.”
I wear it with Chanel flats or red chunky sneakers.”

Marie Turnor bag

Bag: Marie Turnor

New York closets

Bag: Madewell
“I use this for travel. I use it everywhere and it’s got darker now with use. It’s perfect.”

Felicity Sargent

I decided I wanted my desk here and that’s when I knew I wanted to have my bags here. 

Felicity Sargent

Bag: Chloe

“I got this bag at the Chloe sample sale and it was freakily cheap.

My favorite places to shop are Opening Ceremony and I also like going to load up on vintage at the Manhattan Vintage Fair.  I obviously like the Isabel Marant boutique.  Also almost every weekend I go to the Chelsea flea market garage.

Online I like Net-A-Porter and I also actually like Ssense – I feel like when things are sold out everywhere they won’t be sold out on there.  It’s a cool e-commerce place to go.  I like MyTheresa too.”

You can find Felicity on Instagram here.

Felicity is wearing Free People overalls. Vintage necklace. Birkenstock sandals.  


  1. Q says:

    She has wonderful individual style… also she has the kind of body that most things look great on!… cool chick… nice post.x

  2. Lady Bug says:

    Bare feet shoes? There are a pair of bare feet shoes with painted toes! I want to see these on 🙂

    • Dee Gray says:

      I want the same thing!! LOL

    • Dee Gray says:

      Bare foot high heels – so want to see them on here feet – (with the pink dress)

  3. BisonBlanc says:

    me too I want to see those bare feet shoes on her !!!

  4. Lady Bug says:

    BARE FEET, BARE FEET, BARE FEET! We want to see them! Looks like someone has to go back 😉 x

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