White Dungarees

White overalls

I love a good white denim especially in dungarees because they take the fuss and ‘perfectness’ of white out.

white dungarees

black leather jacket

I wore them while upstate a few weeks ago and borrowed Daria’s vintage jacket for a few minutes just to ‘feel’ it on me.
white denim
Black leather motor jacket

white dungarees
vintage leather jacket

Sir Oliver enjoying country life for days on end – no leash necessary.


White dungarees: Levis. Try Asos or Frame.  Sandals: Zara. Cuff: Liberty United.  Shades: Ray-Ban.  Jacket: Daria’s (she talked about it before here).We both were discussing the merits of constantly searching for the perfectly slouched leather jacket which she now has in this one.   You can read the full piece on Daria here.

I reckon that we’re all looking for THE perfect slouched leather I don’t care what time of year it is.

If not, then it’s looking for the perfect denim ‘something’ which these dungarees are for me – it’s their second summer rotation.  Wear them with a white t-shirt for a white on white look or contrast them in dark tops – both ways work.



  1. TaMiS ReCreandome says:

    dungarees, something that I have to try at least one time in a life…

  2. Natoya Thomside says:

    Love this outfit! I always battle with whether dungarees have age limit but I guess not! I will have to get me one 🙂

  3. Diana Cloudlet says:

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  4. Rory says:

    Loving the overalls–they’re so cute in white! I especially love your shoes. You always seem to have the best footwear choices…no joke. I’m obsessed.

  5. Carelia Moran says:

    I love the Dungares in white and also that front porch-very similar to the one I have. You look very chic Karen.

    THINKING OF AUDREY HEPBURN…latest post at:


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