Your Steal Summer Skirt FOUND!


tie dye skirt
maxi skirt
summer maxi skirts
  Skirt: Forever21. Mens DIY sleeve hacked Tshirt: Second hand/thrift. Bag: Chanel
This week a friend was wearing this skirt and my brows arched when she said where it was from. She gave me an extra (thank you Ju!)  and I had to share it here.It’s super long with a flattering wide waistband so it can be doubled over to adjust the length or leave as is.  Perfect for weekends and small enough to roll up into a holiday suitcase.

Badass now with cut off t-shirts.  Badass later with giant knits, boots and brimmed hats.

I do not need to tell you either that it works as a strapless dress with a low slung belt.



  1. Lola Jaro says:

    Not sure about a skirt working as a dress = I’d figure that the shape would be all off.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I saw Karen on Sperry’s site and absolutely luv her great style. My fav look was the pretty black suit with the great sneaks. It is feminine and fresh, but tailored. I remember when Candace Bergen used to wear classic sneakers with trousers on Murphy Brown. Sperry sneakers are made more comfy with a little Dr. Scholl insole for older folks like moi. 🙂

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