10 Gorgeous Ear Piercings

Elaine Welteroth
thin hoop earrings

tragus piercing
Binx Walton
conch earrings
Melodie Monrose
cool earrings
pretty earrings
cute ear piercings
cool ear piercings

Photos: Karen Blanchard/WDUGT
The moment that I cut my hair I knew that I would get more ear piercings because my ears are on show. 
Since then I have become borderline obsessed with cool earrings and ear piercings.  Remember this post on delicate earrings and where I get my piercings done??
Above are a few earrings and piercings that I’ve noticed over the past twelve months and below are just some of the earrings that I am thinking about: 

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  1. Simona M says:

    ah the attention to details! Love it!

  2. Ruby Sterland says:

    Loved this post! I’m becoming a little obsessed too, I’m trying to decide which I want next! At the minute I only have my firsts done, and my tragus in one ear. I want a few more though, but there’s too much choice! x


    • Karen says:

      Sounds like based on what you have now you could maybe either do more in the lobe going up or do something in the upper ear curved area. I like that there’s so much choice now though.

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