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mens brogues

This is a recent skirt find that I saw when looking for something else completely.  Always happens though; you leave with something you didn’t plan on.

Express sequin skirt
Dagne Dover clutch
sequin mini skirt

ray ban wayfarers
oversized checked shirt
wingtip brogues

Shirt: Mens second hand. Try Asos or JCrew.  Skirt: Express.  Vintage mens brogues: Spitalsfield London.  Try Church’s, Topshop or  London Rebel. Clutch/Wallet: Dagne Dover.  Similar from Asos. Shades: Foldable Ray-Ban
The mens brogues and shirt balanced out a mini that could’ve teetered into dodgy night club territory (on my shape).Note.  The advantage of having large feet is the access to mens shoes which makes buying vintage mens an absolute dream.   Try it if you can relate to the same issue.





    • Karen says:

      Thanks I couldn’t do the tall heel thing (especially where I was going that day)

  1. Violet says:

    You either leave with something you didn’t plan on or MORE than you planned lol. Shopping is hell of a drug *dave chapelle voice* lol

    Love the skirt. Pairing it with the menswear type pieces (and in the case of your shoes actual menswear) makes me love it even more!


    • Karen says:

      I missed Dave Chapelle! I need to watch some of his old shows again. Thx Violet and yea it’s a happy pill.

  2. SilverEditEtsy says:

    Love the eclectic mix of patterns and styles!

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