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midi skirt

If I wear heels (not often) I get borderline obsessed with wearing them with socks.  

midi skirt
Valentino cross body bag
white midi skirt

Valentino Logo Go bag

Jacket: Adidas. Skirt: Zara.  Try Asos.  Shoes: Coach. Bag: Valentino. Try Marc by Marc Jacobs. Socks: Topshop. Pearl earring: Zara. Try Rebecca Minkoff

Socks and heels are one way to get around the whole strappy heel thing if you don’t like showing your feet.  That alone I like.  I mentioned on Instagram that people either love it or they don’t.  It’s a style divider but you are well sorted when it’s colder.  Remember this post in March? My feet were well toasty.

This is definitely more popular in London where socks are worn with brogues, heels, ankle boots etc.  I’m going out on a limb here and generalizing that this is more of a British thing versus New York.  I remember seeing loads of girls in London wearing socks with their shoes as part of their look versus for pure function.  Same with guys too. It’s part of the outfit like the shoes themselves are. Their socks were either in contrasting colors or patterns or had a frill trim.  I LOVED all of it.  Topshop do some of the best high street ones hence why most of my socks are from them.

The Adidas jacket is a classic I grew up with but illustrated with a skirt and heels to mix it up from the norm!    
Where to get this or similar


  1. Marquise Christina Brown says:

    This look!! I love that you styled the track jacket with the skirt and socks with heels are a new fave of mine. I tried it in New York for the first time and I must agree that my feet were quite warm and comfortable. I’ll be trying the look again when it cools down a bit over here. Love this look and beautiful bag!


  2. Kevin says:

    Very well styled sporty outfit. Love that jacket and socks.
    Buy colorful socks

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