Bright Corners


With no real plan apart from “I want it all white” Michael and me painted our place from all brown to (almost) all white.

urban renewal overalls

Underground Original creepers
sequinned top

Dungarees: Urban Outfitters. Sequinned top: Vintage shop (Loveday 31). Try Michael Kors.  Creepers: Underground Originals. Cool takes by Park Lane, Office and Saint Laurent
Our teeny space went from being beige, brown and dark to bright and airy.

You can get the jist of the surroundings from these photos.  Even though we live in a house we rent upstairs and live in the downstairs part only so our actual living space is teeny.  

 I’ll show more soon. There are ‘mini makeovers’ all over the place.   It’s still a work in progress but I’m cool with taking photos indoors again.  Hopefully it’ll inspire you regardless of your living space size.

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  1. Angela B says:

    Agreed, it looks so bright and airy! I’ve been furiously trying to paint my home in white; the last people here were very into their magnolia, yikes. Love that peek of the vintage trunk by the chair, lovely!

  2. Abbie says:

    All white is always the best! So bright and fresh, my room is cream boooooooo xx

  3. Sinead says:

    This looks great. From what I can see, your woodwork is amazing.

    My living room is pale grey with white trim and all white furniture. Beautiful, but exhausting. Oh, and the big decorating mistake I made was to put a white tile floor in my kitchen. It looks great for a few hours every day — from when I mop it before going to bed every night until I spill something on it while making breakfast the next morning, lol!

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