Mixed Textures

topshop platform ankle boots
Maison Scotch coat
pink fluffy sweater
Ray Ban wayfarers
grey tweed coat
sequin leggings
drawstring leather bag

Coat: Maison Scotch men. Try their similar tweed here.   Pink jumper: Pixie Market. Leggings: H&M. Mentioned in my YouTube Haul video!  Boots: Topshop. Try their ‘Hola‘ or ‘Happy‘ ones which I notice have good reviews.  Shades: Ray-Ban (forever face attached) . Bag: Madewell (the quality of this bag is sick for the price). 
These leggings are from my ‘November Haul’  YouTube video.  Yes – I am getting back into personal style videos.  If you like the idea of me doing them hit subscribe so you see when new ones go up.   I’m aiming for once a week so let’s see.   I love blogging and everything but I miss talking to you.  Photos never really convey when I’m excited about a new shopping find.  Nor do they convey my personality which is the thing that bugs me the most.  I mean look how serious I look in these photos? Then see the difference in the video.  I hope I’m making sense here..
Ok –  I digress. 
 I wore the leggings with the mens Maison Scotch coat plus old Topshop boots that have to be the most comfortable heeled platform s ever made. If you’re after a chunky boot with a heel then do yourself a favor please and find ones like them ie. these look close?
There’s a preview pic of them on me in the bedroom posted on Instagram.

If you’re too chicken to wear sequined leggings then wear black sequined ones (more subtle) with a giant soft knit over them and old trainers.   On the short side? Wear afore mentioned heeled boots.   

Where to get this look:


    • Karen says:

      Thank you its the only pink one I have!

  1. Simona M says:

    Cool that you do videos now, I will check them out. Love these pants!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you!!! Next one should go up later this week!

    • Karen says:

      Half the buttons have fallen off but thank you! Reminds me of an old mans coat

  2. Fressine says:

    You should definitely do more videos because as you said, we can see more of the “real” you through them. Happy that you chose to do so!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Fressine. Yes I’m definitely doing more. I have a list of subjects I want to video!

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