Boxing Day

All Saints leather jacket

And just like that Christmas is over.  I’m relieved to be honest. The hype leading up to it was relentless! 

adidas gazelle

All Saints Walker jacket
Topshop Iridescent bag
Mongolian stole

Jacket: All Saints.  Dress: Second hand/thrift. Polo neck: Zara?  Trainers: Adidas.  Iridescent Make Up bag: Topshop. Mongolian stole: Random. 

We spent Christmas indoors binging on Game of Thrones in between picking over a roast (a handful of things I actually cook).  In between I talked myself out of these brogues on sale and these Acnes while planted on the sofa with the laptop.  
God knows why I’m looking.  No I do.  It’s the bloody Boxing Day sales.  Net A Porter needs to fast forward to clearance already unless 70% off is their clearance?  Enlighten me.  Actually don’t.

The Adidas trainers continue to be stuck to my feet.  This time I wore them with a long sheer dress winterized with leggings, a polo neck on top and the All Saints leather jacket.

Try it

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