Victorian Punk

studded leather jacket

bess leather jacket
vintage white lace dress
victorian wedding dress
studded biker jacket
lace maxi dress
wet n wild dollhouse pink
white lace dress

Dress: Beacons Closet in Brooklyn. Not the same but damn  Free People.  Jacket: Vintage. Shoes: Converse. Shades: Ray-Ban Foldable Wayfarers. Lipstick: Wet n Wild ‘Dollhouse Pink’ (love it)

I came THIS close to cutting off the sleeves on this dress found a few weeks ago but I can’t do it. 

This is the one time where mutton sleeves gets a pass.

Where to get this or similar


    • Karen says:

      Well said re romantic punk! I didn’t realize that till you said that.

  1. Nika Chic says:

    This is awsome! Love that dress.

    • Karen says:

      Hello lovely ! Thx for always supporting. I do notice.

  2. Jewelle says:

    I absolutely LOVE this dress..i would have really wanted to see the back…the free people option is cute…i think that’s on my christmas wish list…entire outfit is super cute!

    • Karen says:

      I’ll make sure to shoot the back the next time that I wear it!! Yea the FP one is sick and has good reviews.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Jamie I still can’t get over it. One of the best buys for me this year.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks I love that hard/soft contrast too.

  3. Debs says:

    Want that jacket!

    • Karen says:

      I know right its INSANNNNNNNNNNEEEEEE

  4. the style potato says:

    you kick serious ass. every. single. time. LOVE IT!

    • Karen says:

      Dang woman what a compliment *humbled*

  5. Zola Danger says:


    Sorry for the caps freakout, but this is absolutely perfect!!!

    I am a visual at & Other Stories and saw you in there a couple weeks ago. Was too afraid to say hi – if you ever need anything let me know!


    • Karen says:

      OMG you should’ve said hi. I recognize your hair! I remember thinking how much I loved it. Next time !

  6. aadhira kapoor says:

    Love the outfit and the overall punk look. Smart Victorian Punk. XOXO

  7. Show Must Go On says:

    I love the dress! Didn’t you get something similar at Shareen’s? I want to say you did. Because I think I saw the same dress I was considering buying at Shareen’s a while back, on you! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hey! You mean the one I got about 2 weeks ago? That one is a heavy beaded dress/low neckline. Is that the one you mean?

  8. Deena says:

    KEEP THE SLEEVES! Victorian punk is a great look on you!

  9. Sade BlackandOlive says:

    Oh jeez you rocked this combo! I am at awe…

  10. Janina says:

    when are you going to sell this dress?? ;p

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