Wide Leg Culottes

Pierre Hardy eye clutch
leather culottes
Pierre Hardy eye bag
knee high boots
womens wool pea coat

ray ban aviators
wide leg culottes

Cropped peacoat: H&M. Try Smythe or JCrew.  Faux leather culottes: Zara. Try Topshop (on sale), Front Row or Asos (on sale). Jumper worn back to front: Zara Men.  Boots about 4 years old: Zara (holy crap it just dawned on me: 3 Zara pieces in one look). Try Pour la Victoire or Topshop.  Clutch: Pierre Hardy. Pink version here.  Shades: Ray-Ban
I found this clutch on the Matches clearance sale after eyeing it (sorry) for a few weeks months.  Before, there was a lot of texting back and forth with a friend: “Ugh what do you think? Have you caved?”  This went on for a while until last week’s 70% off sale.  That was it. The I-don’t-need-but-need-this-cave. 

Everything else you’ve seen before.  The boots are a good four years old and you can see these wide leg culottes with ankle boots and leopard print (here)!


  1. Phyll says:

    yes yes yes… LOVE this look!!

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