The Full Monty On Rajni Jacques

Rajni Jacques

Definition: The Full Monty: 

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Each fashion week I usually spot fashion editor Rajni Jacques rushing in and out of shows while I quietly admired her tom boy aesthetic.   Our paths crossed recently a few weeks ago in Brooklyn where I asked if could have a rummage through her wardrobe.

A fellow lover of vintage, denim and leather jackets, I knew that this would be cool.

Miu Miu clogs

Clogs: Miu Miu
“I LOVE these clogs but I haven’t worn them in so long. Clogs are just always there. They never go out.  I’ve had these clogs for about four to five years.  I got them at Neiman Marcus for $100 on sale.  Even my Balenciaga hoof saddle shoe, the one that Mary Kate and Ashley wore? I searched everywhere for them and Neiman Marcus in New Jersey had them and no one was checking for them there and I got them for $300. I was like wow. 
When it comes to shoes like this I like them but it’s like collecting a piece of art but not to necessarily wear.  It’s something that I can look at and think: that’s pretty.”

snake skin shoes

Snakeskin shoes: Christian Louboutin.  Leather skirt: Jason Wu
“These shoe are just easy and I love them. 
I’m a huge pencil skirt wearer.  I’m in either into jeans or pencil skirts. I just LOVE the shape of a good pencil skirt.  I don’t want to say that these skirts smooths things out but it just accentuates our curves in a way that’s not tacky. It’s chic. It’s not overtly sexy. 
When I saw this Jason Wu skirt at their showroom, I thought I HAVE to have that skirt.  I live for this.   During this winter I wore the skirt over a long black dress.  People thought that it was all one dress even though it was two different things.  I do that with a lot of skirts. “

womens denim jeans

“I just LOVE denim and have it everywhere.   This is all full of denim.  Anywhere there is a hole there is denim in it.  Sometimes I go through the wide leg phase and then I switch it up to high waisted and then baggy phase. I wear them ALL.” 

Rajni Jacques

“I’m a huge sneaker fan too.   That’s my husband’s skate board in the back. “

Marc Jacob skirt

Skirt: Marc Jacobs
“I loved this so much that I said to myself I don’t even care if it’s not my size. It was the only one left. I said ‘shall I buy it? shall I not buy it? I said I’m buying it.’  I like how it kinda oxidizes on its own.” 

Leather biker jacket

Leather jacket:  Sacai
“This is one of my favorites.  It keeps you super warm.  If you look at it closely it’s a motorcycle jacket that’s been cut and sewn.”  

Rajni Jacques

“The zips are big and you can zip it however which way you want to.  You just wear jeans with it and you are good to go.” 

Louis Vuitton platform shoes

Shoes: Louis Vuitton 
“I LOVE LOVE LOVE these.  On the foot it just looks soooooooo good.  Louis Vuitton had an event that they dressed me for and after it they said you can’t keep the dress but you can keep the shoes.” 

Rajni Jacques

“I sold a lot when my husband and I moved here.  I had so many shoes I was like I can’t.  I said ok I’m going to make it my duty to look at every shoe and if it’s a shoe that I don’t wear all the time I’m going to sell it. I literally cut my shoe collection down from around 480 to like 150.  I had to get rid of them.  It was just too much.    It was very hard but it was like ‘ok will I wear this right now? Is it a piece that I think will come back and will I regret selling them?’ That’s kinda how I did it. It’s a messy process because one minute you’re thinking yes I’ll wear them then it’s no I won’t.  You just have to do it. “

Chanel chain boots

Boots: Chanel
“There are certain shoes that I just know I will keep always.  I don’t care if they go out of style.  Even if I’m not vibing with them at that moment in time I know that they’re going to come back at some point so I keep them.”  


“For good shops around here in Bedstuy I like Sincerely Tommy but there’s this weird store on Malcolm X it’s like a hodge podge store but every now and then you get a really good belt or great men’s tee.   I think in the summer here it’s good because people have stoop sales so on Louis Avenue there’s this woman that has all these great dresses and African clothes.  So in the summer it’s really good here and you can bargain on prices.” 

Burberry studded leather motor jacket

Leather jacket: Burberry
“It’s so heavy but I love leather jackets.  
I actually wear this jacket for black tie events over a really long gown.  It’s one of those things where it’s so heavy and it’s super tight so I can’t wear a sweater under it.  It has to be a t-shirt because it fits the body perfectly.” 

Burberry leather jacket

“It’s one of those things where it’s like: ‘this is a good one.’
It’s one of my favourite pieces because it looks crazy but I don’t wear it that much because it is a very specific fit.”



“In New Jersey there’s this vintage place called Red White and Blue that I love.  In Moncler there’s a lot of vintage shops on the main avenue. All mum and pop little shops not only for clothing but furniture.  I love to go there for jewelry too.  My wedding ring was also bought at a vintage shop.  I love that.” 


Hat:  Madewell x Phillip More
“Someone gave me this hat. I don’t really wear hats but I thought you know what I’ll just use it for decoration.
In the city buying vintage is just so expensive. I have no time to find something, fall in love with it and then pay $500 for it so I don’t really shop anywhere vintage in the city but if I’m in North Carolina or I’m in another state I always find a vintage shop.  Even before I get there I’m like: ‘ok we need to hit here here and here.’ “


“I don’t really shop like that anymore. I like going into vintage places to get t-shirts and jeans and old flannel shirts.  A favourite place? I really don’t have one.  I really like to go to Madewell for jeans and t-shirts but how I shop is like: I need a pair of black books so I just find that boot.  It could be from Strawberry or some discount shop or from Celine.  I just don’t go into places and think ok let’s just shop so I can see what I want to buy.   It’s more about the piece that I need now and I’ll shop anywhere for that piece.” 

Chanel bag

Bags: Rajni’s Mum (except Chanel)
“These are actually my Mum’s from back in the day.  She gave them to me.  I was gifted the Chanel from the brand.  I was going to some event and I was wearing a pearl dress and they said ‘oh we have a bag that will just match it.’  I’ve only worn it once.   I’m more like into wearing my black Chanel bag instead.”

gold hoop earrings

“I remember buying these on Fulton street.  They’re just so fu*king good.  I remember coming in from Jersey and being like: let me get my earrings on and hat on and chain of Jesus.  I was going buck wild and doing all of it! 

Also I love a good braid in the summer and will braid down to here like Poetic Justice.”

beautiful decor

“I LOOOOOVE art.  My husband and I will go to art galleries and find new things.   My friend painted this but didn’t like it and was throwing it out and I said ‘what are you doing? give it to me and I’ll finish it.’  He painted the body and I did everything around it.”  

Womens black leather motor jacket

Leather jacket: Booker
“I just like any kind of motor jacket. Even denim jackets that look like motor jackets.”  

high rise jeans

“I’m a jeans person.  Madewell has really good jeans so I go there. Also I like finding old Levi’s in vintage places. Asos has good high rise jeans.  I end up getting two sizes and see which ones fit me. I  know returning sucks but it’s free shipping.  Online shopping is a bit tricky though.
I like feeling things too to see if it’s supple so I think that’s also why I like going to vintage places because it’s kind of like you’re in a museum of older pieces.” 

Christian Louboutin studded boots

Boots: Christian Louboutin 
“I have not worn these boots in about a year and I need to get back into them. You know when you forget about something and then find them and think: ‘ok I NEED to get back into these’ so this is my goal for the next few weeks.  I feel like it’s the right time because it’s transitional weather so you can throw them on with jeans and a sweater and keep it moving.” 

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