Repeat Purchase

White lace dress
White maxi dresses
white vintage lace dress
White eyelet dress
White maxi dresses

Dress: Zara.  First shown on Instagram approx 4 weeks ago-ish.  I like this Free People one too. Shoes: Chuck Taylors.
My name is Karen and I am addicted to white dresses.  I could say that about brogues, pre-owned Chanel and vintage but a long white dress means summer in my head.  More than the usual spring grabs – fringe, suede, fringe, denim (although this year it’s frayed denim) and fringe.  You kwim.
There’s a check list:  Must be close to ankle length with long sleeves.  Basically anything that could pass as vintage when I think about it.  
I’m not the only repeat offender.  My friend Daria looks for a new sandal every spring.  Not unusual no but she’ll text me: “I need new sandals.”  I text back “Ok – I’ll keep my eyes open for you” knowing full well that I’ll see her all summer in the same K. Jacques and the same Swedish Hasbeen sandals,  styles that Daria’s been wearing for years every single spring summer.   Another friend texts recently: “What do you think of these Golden Goose sneakers?”  I text back: “I like.  You getting?  LMK when they deliver.”  Every spring without fail she updates her trainers.
Every spring I update with one or two white dresses.  

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