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Celine Black Box Bag

Guess where this print came from?  Not hard if you know me (or saw it on Instagram)…

Celine Box bag

ray ban club masters

Celine black box bag

Blouse: St. Lucia.  Try printed ones from Topshop or try one of these plain or printed.   Skirt: Zara (old).  Sandals: All Saints Men.  Lookalikes from H by Hudson or Asos. Shades: Ray-Ban Clubmaster.  Bag: Celine.  Lookalike from Choies.

This off the shoulder top was picked up in St. Lucia last month (stand back in amazement).  It’s cut wide so I wore it loose over a short skirt to balance out the volume.  Instagram followers saw it already worn outside of Mum’s house.  One reason I got it was because it’s in the typical St. Lucian creole print. My grand mother used to wear this as a dress!

Random:  It’s the end of summer soon and this black OTS dress from last year has gone MIA.   Typical!  It’ll probably re-surface in winter with twelve inches of snow outside.

Side note:  Thank you for the birthday well wishes on Instagram!  Don’t laugh but the night ended at Popeyes 🙂

What are you up to this weekend? I’m not sure yet although I’d love to hit the beach, plus I need to add more stuff to my shop.

Photos: Helena


  1. Amanda CW says:

    you look so chic in this look!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Considering I was sweating my butt off that day (hence under tree) – thank you!

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