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white lace skirt, proenza scholar ps11

Almost anything can be found for less than what it originally says on the tag if you wait long enough…

proenza schouler ps11

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lace skirt

Blouse: Isabel Marant Etoile (on sale).  Similar doilys:  Asos or Tularosa (in red). Skirt: Necessary Clothing.   Shoes: Coach.  Bag: Proenza Schouler.  I see two pre-loved ones on Fashionphile.  Shades: Ray-Ban

  I was just saying this recently to a friend.   Case in point:   The blouse was on sale and the PS11 was sitting at Ina consignment.   Everything eventually one way or another gets marked down to make way for the next season.

True story but I was looking for a tan brown bag in this size and shape.  In fact I was looking for this exact bag but couldn’t be bothered spending and it’s season came and went so I gave up looking which is PRECISELY when one popped up.  A bit like men.

How do you like the skirt? I can barely walk in it but it worked for an early drinks evening.



  1. Soulofashopper says:

    Gorgeous top!!!! Plus love the white on white!!! xx, Alma


  2. DkWembley says:

    Beautiful outfit. I love the anglais lace. The fitted skirt is just right for the looseness of the top. Cool and classy.

  3. Sinead says:

    “A bit like men…” Lol! Perfect. And so very true.

  4. María Belén says:

    “Almost anything can be found for less than what it originally says on the tag if you wait long enough”.

    That it’s my shopping motto. I’ve lost some pieces to the case, but I have won incredible ones too. Buying full price is a luxury that I only allow myself for those special items.

  5. Lakeisha says:

    This is a motto I shop by. True story I really wanted those Chloe Susanna boots but just couldn’t justify that price. I missed many by seconds on eBay. But I was able to find a brand new pair in century 21, that was leather and a neutral color!!

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