midi skirts

Funny how you don’t realize something about what you wear until you catch it…

white leather jacket

checked vans

tribal print skirt

Leather jacket:  Straight To Hell. Seen before with neon in this older post. Try Mango. Skirt: Zara.  Shoes: Vans.  Bag: Coach vintage.  Shades: Ray-Ban (25% off with code: INTHEFAM25).  Knit:  Men’s Zara

Not sure why but I noticed about a year ago that I hardly wore red.  Not a ground breaking discovery but you know what I mean?  It wasn’t on purpose, it’s more accidental?  Mentally putting the colour out there manifested in this amazing red coat find that you saw before. It’s one of those that you can’t wait for it to get cold enough to wear.

ps. Don’t forget the Shopbop site wide sale.  25% off with code: INTHEFAM25  These biker skinnies caught my eye but I haven’t pulled the trigger – yet!


  1. Caroline Howden says:

    Loving the patterned skirt and I’ve always loved that white biker jacket. I keep a look out for a similar one over here. P.S Those biker skinnies? DO IT. Another item of clothing I lust after, but when I locate them – they’re always sold out. You had me at zipped pockets….

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Lol! I know I notice that things I ponder over magically vanish when I’m ready to buy. Typical. Ah the jacket! It’s so great I highly recommend. It’ll be the only white you own and they never date. I’ll keep looking for another lookalike to add to the post

  2. Taranimale says:

    Oh, Karen–I think you’d like the moto pants. I got them last year and they are pretty great, especially for the price. And with a sale? Yes! I like your skirt a lot here–it’s reminding me of all the Mexican blankets I had growing up in San Diego. And that’s a good association!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      I love Mexican blankets and have two. They’re so classic aren’t they? Omg you have the pants! How does the sizing run? How’s the quality in person? Are they shiny or matte like the photos?

      • Taranimale says:

        Yes to Mexican blankets! I think the pants started off snug and then loosened up a bit. I am not as thin as you and I sized slightly down and that worked out. I think the quality is pretty great. They really look and feel like leather. I wore them out with some friends recently and everyone wanted to run their fingers over the ridged sections. That sounds really weird but it was funny. I love the zips. I think the model’s look is more slouchy than what I have. Another friend who lives farther away got them and told me not to freak out when you first put them on because you sort of think “Holy %$#” but they give a bit with some wear. I think they are more matte than shiny, which was good in my opinion. I was worried I’d look like a wannabe Catwoman, but these can get dressed up or down. I wore them with Vans high-tops most recently. And hey, free returns through ShopBop so give ’em a whirl! 🙂

        • Caroline Howden says:

          Aww man – you’re selling these to me, they sound awesome! I’m looking for matte too, because these thighs – can’t handle shiny…River Island had some great ones then ‘boom’ all gone :-/

  3. addicted 2 Etsy says:

    love your pics, what camera are you using?

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