Embellished Denim

oversized denim jackets


Resurrecting an old denim jacket with a bunch of brooches.

The jacket was as grubby as hell the time these photos were taken but I love it too much to not post as is…

Levi denim jackets

Denim jacket: A gift.  Jeans: H&M. Jumper: Mens H&M.

I am in a old denim jacket a friend gave to me with skinny jeans and a mens jumper.  The brooches make a change worn together and I love the silver with the blue.

I collect brooches from high street shops and also second hand or vintage shops.  Check places like Housing Works, Oxfam, Salvation Army. For instant gratification Bloomingdales has a few online here.

ps. Since this post I’ve bought two more brooches.  It’s an addiction.




  1. LondonLady says:

    Lovely Karen. The hand holding the pearl is my favourite brooch, closely followed by the peacock!

    The denim and diamante reminds me of that noughts trend!

  2. daria says:

    i love this sweater. i’ve been searching for a non-acrylic/non-scratchy wool version.

  3. common princess says:

    Wow, I am INSPIRED! I have been trying to come up with ideas to revamp denim jackets for my wardrobe-and this is so simple to do but makes a great statement! Awesome!….if mine turns out well, I will send you a pic lol! Thanks 🙂


  4. Lisa says:

    That jacket doesn’t look grubby at all. I have an Calvin Klein denim jacket from the mid-90s that’s bit big. I keep going back and forth between having it tailored to fit or leaving it as is. I will definitely be adding a brooch to it though.

  5. Faye Jones says:

    I LOVE this idea – I’ve got lots of brooches but never really thought to wear them all together. It looks lso cool!

    Faye x

    i wish i could wink

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