The Coats Women Are Wearing in New York

vintage fur coats

Here is a snap shot of the coats and jackets I see women wear currently in the city.

One style I’m seeing a lot is vintage furs…

vintage fur jackets

Mostly I’ve seen vintage style furs in jacket form versus coats.  I see similar jacket styles from Rachel Zoe and Topshop.

brown fur coats

…and usually they are dressed down with jeans, leggings and over knit jumpers.

I saw a good similar to this grooved one from Eliza J. (on sale)

fedora hats

What I like about them is that they work at night over dresses and during the day.

Ellen Tracy does a good dupe for vintage style fur coats.

teddy coats

I’m also noticing a lot of textured coats.  I loved this rich brown one.  It looks cozy without bulk.

Genius pairing of striped trousers and mens style shoes.

faux fur jackets

They are also being worn in jacket form like this bomber style one.  The majority though are longer.

teddy coats

How cool is this one?  I could’ve asked her where did she get it but didn’t.  Seeing a peek of an inside pocket tells me it’s mens.

I saw similar teddy coats from H&M, Kensie (on sale) and Mango.

blanket coats

More women are wearing wrap coats either with a belt or in this case, without.   I find that the lack of buttons and hardware on them makes them look chic and a bit more effortless.

cape coats

Every now and then I see someone in a cape.  The majority I’ve seen are short stopping around the hip like this one by Mango, but once in a while I see longer lengths like this which look stunning.

cape coats

Here is another slightly shorter one.

Chanel black medium boy bags

Giant sized scarves are popular.   (How cool is her skirt? It’s Carven by the way. I asked).

black motor jacket

I am seeing them contrasted with shrunken black leather jackets.

big winter scarfs

Scarves are being worn in solid colors or prints. The majority though are large prints.

I see similar big scarfs from Asos.  Also I like the classic plain black and red plaid cape scarf from Madewell (on sale).

oversized black coats

Overall deliberately oversized coats are huge in the city downtown.   In all colors and textures. They are always worn with a flat ankle boot or old school style trainers ie. Nikes, Adidas or Chuck Taylors.


  1. kay says:

    i love these “what people are doing” posts, no other blog does them this well. but i also rely on your outfit posts too =)

  2. Blair says:

    7th down is a man, not a woman. 😀

  3. MissMeEE says:

    Oooooo .. I WISH!.. I have a MAJOR obsession with overcoats (I have downsized sadly to the seven I can’t part with) and now that I’ve moved home to Australia I don’t get to wear my overcoats all that often.. let alone the 4 vintage fur coats I have .. 🙁

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