Are You A Fall Lover?

faux fur coats

The Autumn fashion season really is the best in my eyes. The dregs of the sales are finally over, and the shops can return to their former glory instead of resembling a local jumble sale. Don’t get me wrong, I do love summer for it’s general warmth and happy demeanour, but dressing for the heat is tricky, especially when the only parts of your body you’re actually a fan of are your wrists and ankles (when I say you, I mean me) I love when the end of August comes around and I can look forward to knitwear again, and coats, and items with long sleeves, hell, I even look forward to buying new tights.

The start of September is my absolute favourite fashion time of year. It’s like Christmas for style shoppers. We get our new season bible in the form of the September issue of Vogue, we can put our flimsy summer outfits back in the ‘holiday drawer’ where they belong and begin our internal dialogue of sartorial choices…

This year will it be a full length navy military style coat with red piping from Gucci (a girl can dream) or a giant oversized pink fake fur from J Crew?  not in stock yet, but I’m checking back on a daily basis, and I don’t even like pink!

JCrew faux fur pink coat


Coats are an investment right? I buy a new one every year, so my portfolio is stacked.

Shall I buy a slightly more heavyweight bomber jacket to add to the 5 I already have? Or go off piste and get something in velvet?

Cashmere, oh how I’ve missed you, I’m counting the days until Uniqlo do their ‘deal of the week’ on men’s V neck cashmere jumpers. (believe me they are the best I have found).

What boots am I looking for? My heart says black leather and silver studs by Givenchy

Givenchy stud embellished boots

…my wallet says ‘wooah nelly, hold up there a second, get yourself down to Topshop

Of course it doesn’t help that I’ve just spent all my funds on an extended holiday, but hey, at least I’ll have a tan to go with that new Red Isabel Marant dress I’ve been eyeing up online as I recline in the easy chair at the trailer park (true story)

What are you eyeing up this season? 

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By Katie Hiscox

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