Crochet Blanket

Gucci belt

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Let’s face it.  When you shop from your wardrobe it’s smugly satisfying versus buying.  Money is saved and you get to repeat that ‘like new’ honeymoon phase.   That feeling is clearly witnessed on my lastest video uploaded to YouTube last Friday on ankle boots.

Clothes wise, I unearthed this Zara crochet cardigan as another reminder!

Having said that, the leather tote from Madewell is new.  My brown leather tote is about four years old and has been beaten to death with wear (which is exactly how I like it).  You’ve seen it before in old posts like this one from 2013 and here in St.Lucia.  The all black version was on my list for the past year as an alternative – especially for winter even though it’ll fit in year round.

.   .   .

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Jeans: Madewell.  Crochet cardigan: Zara.  Shoes: Robert Clergerie Alice mules.  Try Steven or Bass Wynn Mules. Bag: Madewell transport tote. Belt: Gucci. Shades: Ray-Ban

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