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bright summer dresses

The first outfit post for 2016 in a dress from the best place…


gladiator sandals

orange dresses

Ray Ban aviators

Maxwell transport tote

Gladiator sandals

Dress: Mum. Try Asos’ maxi dresses or try a shorter version (on sale).  Gladiator sandals: Mango. Try Ancient Greek (comes in darker colors).  Bag: Madewell.  Shades: Ray-Ban. Pendant: DIY

So I’m in a dress that Mum gave to me. “Do you like this?” she said, holding it up.  I almost couldn’t speak when I saw the eye popping orange and bell sleeves.

It’s hard to find a similar one to it although I KNOW I’ve seen one. If I remember I’ll link to it outside of the ones above.  A natural leather tote and sandals were added to keep it super dressed down.  You’ve seen the gladiator sandals in other outfit posts here with a jumpsuit and here with a crochet dress.

Surplus pics and video from the stay so far are on Snapchat and Instagram Karenbritchick



  1. Lolitta Mylove says:

    Oh! I have this dress in black with gold threading.

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Actually I think I’ve seen one at some point in my life in that color!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      I’ll tell Michael you said that!

  2. Veniece Wesson says:

    You look stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Thank you Veniece – the dress really is so gorge.

  3. Rita says:

    Your haircut is so cute!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Thanks Rita!

  4. tsp says:

    i’m EXTREMELY jealous of you right now, holidaying in the lovely weather whilst we’re freezing up here in NY 😛 but i love love looove this look on you 🙂

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Ugh don’t worry, I’lll be in that NY weather mid next week

  5. Sir N Maam says:

    Beautiful outfit. The handbag compliments the dress completely.

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Ah thanks I’ve gotten so much wear from that bag

  6. yuka says:

    what a great dress! I need to remember to raid my moms closet the next time I see her. Also totally jealous you are in tropical weather for the first o 2016! that dress was made for the occasion!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      You do need to raid! I tell you it’s like an Alladin’s cave sometimes! Ah yes we are blessed to be in this weather I’m petrified of what New York will be like!

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