When You Repeat Buy

boxy jackets, wide leg pants, new york street style

EVERYONE buys too much of something.  Shoes, bags, maybe the same color over and over?

For me it’s shoes (shocker).  I can’t help it. It’s the first place I look on the sale section of websites and it’s the first thing that you see when you walk into our bedroom.

But I am basics deficient.  I lack simple polo necks, quality t-shirts and plain thin knits for layering. I am the polar opposite of a minimalist who has one stylish rack with ‘key luxe essentials’ hanging from it.  I am a pure maximalist (remember this article about minimal vs. maximalist?).  My wardrobe is why I drool over the Guccis aesthetic.  My room is bursting with flea, and vintage with the odd designer thrown in: it’s sequins, prints, polka dots, faux furs, prints and crochet cardigans finished with a Chloe Faye  – but I am basics deficient.

So this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let’s see if I don’t look at more shoes and get basics.

I’m listing my top site sales later this week so check back later  for an update so we can get in debt together.

.  .  .

Current Fave Black Friday Deals:

Selfridges (code SELFCCE for 20% off) A chance to consider the Stella McCartneys?

Net A Porter (up to 50% off)

 JCrew (40% off)

Bergdorf Goodman (up to 40% off)

Ann Taylor (50% off everything)

Neiman Marcus (40% off)

Saks (40% off)

H&M (60% off)

MatchesFashion (up to 70% off)

Farfetch (up to 40% off)

SSense (up to 50%)

Shopbop (up to 25% off)

.   .   .

Question: Do you repeat buy during the sales?  

Better question:   What do you repeat buy during the sales?



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