Stella Mccartney Wicker Shoes

stella mccartney elyse platform shoes and crochet dress

Karen blanchard the fashion blogger wearing a crochet dress and stella mccartney shoes

Karen blanchard wearing stella mdcarntey elyse platform shoes

karen blanchard the fashion blogger wearing ray ban sunglasses and stella mmcartney platform shoes

Stella Mccartney wicker elyse shoes

Happiness is finding your size in the shoe section – to pull from a quote I posted on Instagram.

Couldn’t pass up on these wicker platform shoes for Spring and Summer next year and for right now over here.

They popped up on Net-A-Porter’s sale section.  Here they are again on sale from Matches (in case you haven’t self gifted yet).

.   .   .

Dress: Zara. Shoes:  Stella McCartney.  Zara.  Bag: Mum.  Shades: Ray-Ban



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