Still Into Velvet?

velvet trousers

Until this season I was never really much of a fan of velvet. It only served to remind me of two moments in my youth that I would rather forget…First up,  I once wore a brand new velvet Bomber jacket to a nightclub and promptly had someone throw up all over it.

velvet bomber jacket

It was never the same despite a serious deep dry clean, plus I was forced to walk home in it as it was proper freezing  that night.  Secondly, I had a lovely purple velvet suit back in the 90’s (it was cool, honest, I was definitely going for Prince vibe) I was all ready to go out, having a little pre-party party at home, which we always did to save money on drinks once we got to the club, I drank far too much Bacardi and Coke and passed out in the toilet with the door locked. Woke up at 2am. Alone. Funtimes.

velvet dress over a pin stripe blouse

This year things are going to be different. For a start you are very unlikely to see me in ‘da club’ anymore and I can’t remember the last time I drank Bacardi. I’m totally digging velvet again too.

velvet suit

It’s perfect for this time of year, it’s soft, warm and just a little bit festive. One of my most favourite buys this season is a pleated velvet skirt from Top Shop – I urge you to buy it, the length is perfect and it looks WAY more expensive than it is, which is always good. I’m also crushing (get it) on a green velvet suit also from Topshop.

velvet blazers

It’s a perfect Christmas party alternative for those of us who just don’t feel right in a LBD and heels. I’m going to wear it with trainers or silver brogues. Finally, if I was really pushing the boat out, I would go for these amazing Miu Miu ballet shoes, they are totally and utterly impractical as winter footwear, but why should that stand in the way of fashion?

.   .  .

Question: Are you still in love with velvet?

by Kate Hiscox

Some velvet pieces currently threatening my bank account:


Photos: A Love Is Blind, Pinterest, Elle Canada

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