1 Easy Spring Outfit

spring trench coats

I hated trench coats.   They all had detective vibes and they were never cut to flatter.  Memories of Burberry come flooding back when growing up back in London; there was actually a Burberry factory outlet close to where I lived.   I used to pop in there and peek around but my love for their signature checked interior wasn’t deep enough to pull the trigger.  Plus that bloody detective thing!

Fast forward years later to living in New York and this past season cooler trench coats are everywhere with less cheese.   I shot the above look because this feels like a chic timeless take that most can try.   The above elements that appealed: one solid colour underneath, a perfectly slouched trench coat (obviously) and either sunglasses or a bag for a colour accent.

I found the below trench coats that look relaxed enough to drape over everything for the milder weeks ahead and tempt you to finally ditch the wool:

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