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Per my snapchat, it took one more long chat with Sassoon’s Creative Director Elaine Mitchell to commit to going natural.

Like before, we sat down and had a discussion about black hair care and how I should embrace the curls I already have. At my last visit to Sassoon salon, Elaine cut off the last of the chemical relaxer on the tips of my hair and shaped it in a way that would help the grow-out period.

I used to use relaxers when I wanted to make my hair a lot more manageable. But now I am on this natural hair journey, I don’t use that anymore. With that being said, just because someone checks out sites such as hereon to get some advice on what relaxer they should buy, people shouldn’t judge others on what they choose to do with their own hair. No matter whether you are going natural or choose to relax your hair, as long as you look after your hair, that’s what matters.

This is a journey all black natural hair girls know and I’m willing to take it on with Elaine’s guidance. She reminded me that natural hair has endless possibilities and how individual it is. This thinking of staying natural goes hand in hand with Sassoon’s new URBANE line that “celebrates the beauty of purity.” Elaine also talked about the importance of deep conditioning treatments to keep hair moisturized which I’m doing.

Going back to natural hair is a challenge but it’s actually a bit easier than I thought.

Question: How many of you wear your natural hair texture? Is it easy?

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Coat: H&M. Shirt: Men’s. Shoes: Acne Studios. Try Alix, Clarks or Church’s. Culottes: H&M. I like these from Topshop. Shades: Ray-Ban. Earrings: H&M (linked to these instead). Similar from Bauble Bar (love these ones too).

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