If The Jeans Fit…

Straight cut levi jeans

I have a love hate relationship with jeans because when you loose weight, jeans are your best friend. When you gain weight, they are your worst.

Recent text conversation with my friend:

Daria: “Going through closet. Found Mom’s jeans. Literally my Moms jeans from 1970/80 or something.” They have zero percent stretch so I have to lose five pounds to sit down in them.”

Scales are over rated. Like Daria, I use jeans as a fat barometer. Why use a scale when what we really want is to look good in the Levi’s laying in your drawer that so help you God you will fit into them? There are so many jeans that I love and I’ve even seen some great jeans from EziBuy. At a doctor’s appointment my eyes immediately shifted to the scale which I know the nurse would want me to step on. “Don’t tell me what it says” I told her while staring blankly at the wall. If she did I probably would have killed her.

I’ve never been a fan of numbers. In school maths was my worst subject. Even at my skinniest, I didn’t like scales because at the height of working out, I actually weighed more (because muscle is heavier than fat) but jeans? A different story.

Right now, rigid straight cut jeans are the no.1 piece to have in your closet. They suit most (may low rise cuts rest in peace and never come back) and they have a chic vibe from giving off just the right amount of slouch. But with no stretch, if you gain five pounds you will know it. Instantly.

There is a reason why Oprah wore jeans in one of her archive episodes to show off her skinny figure while wheeling out a wheelbarrow of fat that equated to her weight loss. Women could instantly relate plus standing on a scale in front of her audience not only takes mental gymnastics, it’s boring in comparison to slipping into those Levi’s that you had buried in your drawer – which fit.

Like Daria said as we ended our texting: “I’m not packing these away. These are my new scale.”

. . .

Question: Do you prefer to use clothes to keep you in check?

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