The Polka Dot Dress

polka dot wrap dress

polka dot dress

polka dot dresses

wrap dresses

Left up to me I think I’d wear wrap dresses all summer.    They’re arguably one of the most flattering dresses and waist adjustable for post food baby moments.

This polka dot dress (I’m so into this print for summer) is from Boden, a classic British brand.  I wore the dress while in New Orleans and the fabric must have some voodoo magic because it was creaseless when I unpacked it – I kid you not and I welcome you to try it and prove me wrong.   The simple cap shoulders and midi length made this spot on (pun intended – sorry) to pair with nude flat sandals – another equally classic summer wardrobe staple.

Anyway, it was good to wear a brand from my old stomping ground for a change. You can take the girl out of England but… lot know the rest.

.   .   .

Dress: Boden.  Sandals: Boden

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