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Cult gaia bag

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Last week I passed through China town which I haven’t visited in years.   It’s funny because I’m always in Manhattan but Canal street marks the start of China town heading south and I never am in that direction.   I forgot how cool the streets are down there and how you get transported to another country (minus the tourists) while figuring out which Chinese restaurant to eat at.

For those into this Free People dress,  you can pin the front if it’s too low for your light swtiches. I have it in three colours and wear them from random trips like this one in China Town, to running errands to a dinner out.  To be honest it’s getting a bit out of hand so I’ll probably rotate them with something else before it gets labelled as my house dress.

Don’t get me started on the Cult Gaia bag.     Tip: I use a dust bag as liner for small bits and pieces.

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