How To Wear Wide Leg Trousers

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how to wear wide leg culottes

how to style wide leg culottes

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An obvious observation but I don’t really wear trousers much.  To me they’ve always reminded me of office clothes and to be honest my how to wear wide leg trousers thing was a struggle for years.  I’d pick the most boring basic black pairs and sort of felt turned off by the category as a whole.  I’m feeling different about them now because I’ve figured out the cuts that I like: wide leg, loose, either cropped or covering foot and preferably high waisted.  Done.

I found these wide leg trousers at Topshop which slot right into those categories.  They come in eight colours (including black).  Like I always say, size up for swing when walking (love that).   Top wise I paired them with a cropped square neck blouse that sits nicely on the high waist trouser.  Needless to say I’ll be pairing it with high waist jeans and skirts.  It comes in three colours and I’m trying everything in my strength to not get either the cherry red or the blue one.

I’ve included a few more wide leg trousers below and tops to wear them with (I have the &otherstories ones shown below).  Note. the wider the pant, the most badass the vibe IMHO.

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Blouse: Topshop. Culottes: Topshop. Bag: Vintage.  Earrings: Topshop. Sandals: Topshop

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The type of tops and blouses that rock with wide leg trousers:

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