Black History Month Designers

Spotlighting black designers has been a huge passion of mine (above I’m wearing LaQuan Smith!). I’ve done some previous posts in the past of black designers you should know! In honour of Black History Month, I wanted to spotlight some black designers that you should definitely not be sleeping on!! Although the fashion industry has the 15% pledge (created by Aurora James), there’s still a long way to go. Below are some designers that I’ve been keeping my eye on (and you should too)!

LaQuan Smith

Born in Queens, Laquan Smith’s rise to fame came quickly after celebrities started bagging his 3D leggings. Though Laquan Smith’s attempt to break into the fashion industry wasn’t easy (denied by Parsons and FIT), today he’s one of the hottest designers! Those who love sultry and feminine clothing please rejoice!! Laquan’s mission has always been to empower women through his designs (we can’t miss the connection of how his grandmother and many other women were his role model growing up). Does glittery minidresses, leather corsets and edgy bodysuits sound enticing for you? Then take a look at the carousel of his latest pieces – his SS23 collection is his attempt to give women “some air”. He states in his Vogue interview that his collection is “about the female form, about sensuality and femininity, that’s what we’re here to celebrate today”. 

Christopher John Rogers

Christopher John Rogers (CJR) is quickly becoming a household name through his “pragmatic glamour” aesthetic designs. One thing you can be sure of when it comes to CJR is that you’ll always be in for some unapologetic drama! However, what critics and buyers love most about his designs is how he has mastered the creation of showstopping pieces without the fuss or complication. In addition, CJR is unafraid to be unconventional by using unusual fabrics and mixing inspirations that seem to oppose each other. In other words, he’s ground-breaking because he’s looking to break any conventional moulds. 

Heron Preston

The last designer (though there’s so many more!) I’m spotlighting for Black History Month is Heron Preston! If you know the late Virgil Abloh and Matthew Williams, then you’ll definitely know Heron Preston who is the co-founder of the streetwear collective called Been Trill. Preston already boasts of creative acumen being a DJ and artist alongside a designer that graduated from Parsons. After an ocean swim opened his eyes on the polluting effects of the fashion industry, Preston launched a sustainable streetwear brand. He’s one of the few designers that are not afraid to comment on environmental issues, internet youth, and counterfeit culture. We stan!

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