Leather vests….

Girl wearing black leather vest and Isabel Marant high top sneakers

….are versatile. Didn’t click till I noticed I keep wearing this white one.

Add one to your wardrobe and wear over anything.  Try black (like hers),  white or taupe.  Get in 1 or 2 sizes up so it’s slouchy. Not fitted.

Get similar sneakers to her Isabel Marant  here or here (good with all black).


  1. Serendipity Max says:

    Oh I love them. Really want a black one. It’s just not warm enough yet!


  2. Marian says:

    I love this look from head to toe, great jumper, shorts, vest and hightops…


  3. chris koo says:

    idk if the sneakers will be on par with hotter weather.
    otherwise I’m all in for her outfit!

  4. Jeannie says:

    That is one cool looking chick. Everything top to bottom is spot on.

  5. Shayne Renee says:

    This Is one of my favorite street style pics ever! I love everything about her look. It’s so true what you say about the leather vests. I’ve been looking for a good one for awhile.

  6. Rini says:

    oh I love the sneakers!
    I got taupe one from serafini. Unbelievable comfortable… I’m just not sure how to combine them. Would love to see more street-style-pics with wedges-sneakers.

  7. SiljeMB says:

    I love this Outfit! The cloths and accessories – perfect match! #LoveItALot

  8. smtoday says:

    Love this Outfit! The clothes and accessories – Perfect together! #LoveItALot!

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